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Jan 15-20, 2006
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Ackme's Guide to Seeing a Space Launch

Tickets for Kennedy Space Center
Ramada Inn-KSC

I got the NASA tickets online at the KSC website (http:// back in December, as soon as I read about he
launch. They arrived a couple weeks later. All the other stuff I
ordered separately. I got the flight through Orbitz. Not sure if I
would go that way again, but they did have the right price. I got
the car direct from Thrifty, although I did a search for the best
price and I don't remember through where! Same with the Hotel. I
did one of those searches for hotel prices in the Titusville area.
The day before I left, I called and upgraded the hotel room to a
suite for an extra $22/day. Having two rooms and a fridge/microwave makes life a lot easier. I'm kind of over the "beer and ice in the bathroom sink" phase, although in a pinch, it still beats warm beer!

The only important thing is to get the launch tickets as early as
possible. Everyone I've talked to says that seeing a launch on the
base is the best way to go. There are a lot of viewing areas around
Cocoa Beach and Titusville, but the locals say that they can be
crowded and at least ten miles from the launch site (being inside
KSC, you are still about 7 miles from the launch pad. Popular
launches can sell out early, and the traffic after the launch can
take hours to clear up. A launch ticket gets you two days of KSC
full access, also, you can visit the Center on the day before or
after. I'll know more tomorrow, but the launch might take up the
better part of a day and leave you without much time to do anything
else. Or the launch could be at night when the rest of the Center is


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Kennedy Space Center

Tickets for Kennedy Space Center
See a Launch, See an astronaut. Gators!

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Ramada Inn Hotel
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A 24 hour Denny's at the Hotel. Sweet.

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Space is fun to watch in your underpants too.

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