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Jan 16, 2006

Day 2--Kennedy Space Center

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, I had the All American Slam (20 cents goes to the Urban League - probably as part of Denny's
settlement of racism cases). Three eggs scrambled with cheddar, two sausage, two bacon, grits. Plus a side of bacon and two coffes. And again, half way through shoving it down my throat...I think "Gee, I shoulda took a picture. Next time!


Oh, well, phew! Got out of here around noon. It's a 15 minute
drive. Big, long "Florida road." Ditches on both sides, herons and pelicans in them. Lots of signs, so it isn't a total surprise it's
coming. Kind of wish it just appeared! The Astronaut's Hall of Fame is on the way. I was too excited on the way there and too tired on the way back.

OK, big parking lot thing. Much like Disneyland. But with rockets!
Got in and went right to the "Rocket Garden." My favorite thing of
the whole place! After that, well, there are some walk through
exhibit things that are kind of cool. You know, walk through, push a button, see Mars.

Then I went to an Imax movie about the ISS in 3D! The polarized 3D, not the red-green kind. It actually worked! There was a little too much showing of the hands and stuff so they would have something close to contrast to the far away stuff, but the interior shots of the ISS were just amazing. Of course, that could have been anywhere, but it's cooler because of being at KSC.

Then I went to the shuttle park area. They are building a "ride"
that will open in a year or so, but in the meantime, you still get to see it and see the SRBs and the fuel tank in real size.




Also got to see an astronaut! General Roy Bridges, who piloted a
shuttle, but who also was head of the Langley Research Center and
Wright Patterson in his time. I can have a group lunch with him on
Thursday for 60 bucks and I think I might just. Interesting.






space roomAfter that, I took the bus tour of the ISS assembly building. You
get a little movie, then get to see some full size mock up stuff,
then there is a viewing area of where they are actually building
stuff for the ISS. Some of the pictures from there are fuzzy because
of the plexiglass, but it was the only "real" working area we saw today.

Gators are located by the Astronaut Memorial Building.





OK, I might not say this tomorrow, but right now, I would say that if there was no launch, this trip has already been well worth worth it. Even though, in a lot of ways, the parts of KSC that I saw today were like a "Theme Park," it is a theme park where the theme is "smart." It's about science and math and people believing thescience enough to bet their lives that it's right (and sometimesbeing wrong). Nothing against The Mouse, but hey, that's a theme!

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