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Jan 15-20
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Ackme travels to Space Coast--Titusville Florida.

Just across the river is The Kennedy Space center which includes Cape Canaveral and Coco Beach to the north.
Witnessing The New Horizons space launch to Pluto is the goal.

Day 1--Getting there in one piece.
A rocky start with missed airport limo ride, a missed flight, and too much physical and mental exertion.

All ends well at the Kennedy Space Center Ramada Inn with a nasa taglovely suite and room service from the 24 hour Denny's room service. Oh. They also inclued high speed internet access. For Free. FREE. Photo Gallery Day 1

Day 2--Kennedy Space Center
The Kennedy Space Center offered IMAX, bus tours, real astronauts and even gators. All one price. And there's still more to do and see.
Photo Gallery Day 2


Day 3--Launch? Scrub.


The mission was scrubbed for the day. There are still pictures though! Tommorow it's on again. Not sure if Ackme will be.

Photo Gallery Day 3



Day 4--Scrubbed Again.

dennylogoBut it's nothing to lose your appetite over.
Witness the glory that is a Denny's Dinner.

Photo Gallery Day 4

Day 5--LiftOff
Finally, it's a Go.



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Kennedy Space Center

Tickets for Kennedy Space Center
See a Launch, See an astronaut. Gators!

Ackme's Guide to Travel for Space Coast

Launch Complex 41
Pad for the new Atlas V rockets

Maps of Space Coast

Ramada Inn Hotel
KSP Command

A 24 hour Denny's at the Hotel. Sweet.

NASA TV Online
Space is fun to watch in your underpants too.

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