What is Paratheology?

Since the dawn of time, humanity has struggled to explain it’s place in the universe. Man looked at the world and wondered how he got here, how the universe got here, and more importantly, WHY? Wise men and scholars postulated various theories based upon the world around them, weaving an increasingly rich tapestry of science, philosophy, and the unexplainable. As our civilization evolved, so did the theories. Old gods who no longer served mankind’s needs were replaced with new gods who did. Each changing of the theological guard brought a greater degree of science, a more refined worldview, and more ambitious explanations for that which we did not understand. As each new god toppled the old, mankind took another evolutionary step forward. Each new theology started as a revolutionary concept known only to a select few. The new beliefs spread because they struck a common chord deep inside. The new gods slew the old, and ground their bones into dust. As we stand poised upon the brink of the millenium, a new philosophy has emerged, ready to meet the needs of 21st century man: Paratheology

Paratheology recognizes that despite the tremendous advances in mankind’s understanding of the world around him, there are still phenomena that can only be classified as unexplained. Stories of angels, UFOs, demon possession, and alien abduction have become commonplace; and all these things lead us to the unescapable conclusion that the wall errected by scholars between religion and the paranormal is the very wall holding us back. Paratheology seeks to destroy this barrier by teaching your children that the religious and the paranormal are inextricably intertwined.