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3rd party Alien Jesus art

Amazingly enough, the Alien Jesus Collective is not the only source of Alien Jesus art on the Internet. Found a collection of Alien Jesus art by all sorts of artists (including one by yours truly). Unfortunately, there’s no attribution, which makes it kind of hard to track down more work by the same artists. Here’s one of my favorites from the collection:


If anyone can identify the artist, please post a comment.

oh, to be a teen sociopath with a computer again

A 13 year old kid’s mother dies, leaving him a £16,000 inheritance. Kid parleys that into £250,000 over the course of three years using various online scams. Lawsuits ensue.

He even employed a personal bodyguard, flew abroad on business trips and claimed he was going to buy a private jet….”He would not eat sandwiches unless the crusts were cut off. And once he started making money he refused to attend school unless the local council paid for him to go to a private school.”