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The Season in Full Swing


Baseball on TV, Halloween on all the shelves. If it weren’t for the above average highs during the day it would be fantastic. Soon.

The altar can’t wait any longer, so load her up with the juju.

My cupcakes wouldn’t have taken such a nasty spill had I been in good with the spooky ones.

Chelada: be afraid, be very afraid…

So the other day I’m in my local Circle K buying beverages and smokes. Circle K in Phoenix in the summer typically has an assortment of beer in small coolers near the checkout, and this one is no exception. Typically 24oz cans of Bud, Bud Light, maybe some Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager or Mickey’s Bigmouth. But on this fateful day, there was a new cerveza en la ciudad: Chelada!


Bud Light and Clamato! How could I resist that magical combination of thin beer, tomato juice, and clam broth? More pictures after the jump…

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