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The Twisted Art Of Todd Schorr


Seasons greetings! 

Some of you may recognize Todd Schorr’s “Clsash Of The Holidays”, one of my personal favorites by this artist. I highly recommend visiting his website: and browse his wickedly twisted sense of humor and art. You’ll find this excerpt from his bio there, and if that doesn’t peak your curiosity… well then never mind.

  “Todd Schorr’s artistic journey is one that hardly conforms to the time-honored stereotype of Bohemian artist. It is rather a post-war tale bracketed by an America infatuated with the limitless potential of consumerism. His formative years were spent in a world surrounded by the atomic and space ages, by Saturday morning cartoons and racks of comic books at the local drug store, a land populated by Revell models, Mad Magazine, Testors glue, Mickey Mouse and Rat Fink. Further fueling his developing image bank were the seemingly endless icons from television’s early years: Robbie the Robot, Mighty Joe Young and reel upon reel of animated toons from the likes of Tex Avery, George Pal and Max Fleischer The compulsion to replicate these characters led to a formal art education and exposure to a new set of influences drawn from the world of advertising and commercial art.”

NASA Has a New Look

NASA has vamped their website. It looks great. Check it out.

“The launch of space shuttle Atlantis has been rescheduled for no earlier than Jan. 2, 2008. Engineers are evaluating false readings from the engine cutoff sensor system. ”

NASA – Home

The sad tale of Lyndon LaRouche’s printer

index.php.jpegWashington Monthly has a sad and fascinating story about Ken Kronberg, chief printer for perennial Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche. Since 2008 is the first LaRouche-free Presidential election in over 30 years, it’s a great time to look back on his unique political career.

“For thirty years, Ken Kronberg printed, and all the other members edited and distributed, everything that LaRouche wrote, whether anybody understood it or not. If, in the late hours of the night, LaRouche determined that 50,000 copies of his latest essay on the Treaty of Westphalia needed to be distributed around the country, his followers did their best to oblige. “

LaRouche used to spend a lot of money buying 30 minute blocks of TV time in the 1980′s. In case you missed out on these Lynfomercials, here’s a taste:

John Dayl


Update: There’s a special John Dayl tribute show on Saturday 11/10 from 7 to 9 PM MST (That’s GMT -7). Supposed to be streaming live on the KFNX web site.

It breaks our hearts to have to report on the death of radio host legend, John Dayl. He passed away peacefully in his sleep Sunday afternoon, November 4th.

We had just listened to John on Saturday and were thoroughly entertained by his talk of not much more than his trip to Idaho. He said he hadn’t kept up on anything political but if callers wanted to discuss something, fine. Nobody did, everybody was happy talking about Idaho along with John.

A great political mind and always kind to nervous listeners, Dayl was more than the cantankerous old man. Of course, that’s mostly what we’ll remember him for. He was fired from just about every local radio station in Phoenix, hired back by most of them. He had more fans than foes who could protest louder than the politically correct folks that wanted Dayl run out on a rail.

The last great story he told Saturday night was about his trip back from Idaho. He said he couldn’t do the long drive in one haul anymore, he was worn out. He stopped off in Vegas for a room. The woman “In her 30s, not an unnattractive woman..” told him that they only had the Jacuzzi Room for 285 dollars a night. John, and I wish you could hear his voice, said, “Honey, if they threw you into the jacuzzi with the room, I still wouldn’t pay 285 dollars a night.”
And he left.

A few nights later, he left us all for good. It was probably the only peaceful exit he ever made.