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Jupiter and Venus Conjunct

NASA – Sunset Planets

Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Libra. a good time for getting together. Have a party for the end of summer or the beginning of Fall. Both!

The next two weeks, go with the flow of enjoying other people’s company. Magick suggestion? Pick a day and treat it like it was your favorite holiday.
What do you wear? Eat? Festive moods, kids, you’ve got alot of sky help.

Some Acronyms.

Wouldn’t you like to know what LTU stands for? I am sure you’re just bursting to know. The hairs on your fingers are standing up. Anyway, LTU is a German charter operator that flies to many exotic destinations out of Düsseldorf, Germany. It is much cooler than KLM which stands for “Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij” which means Royal Dutch Airlines. I used to really like American Trans Air, but now it’s just ATA. Their old colourscheme still decorates a tiny fleet of L-1011 that are devoted to transporting American soldiers back and forth between whatever part of the world their country are at war with. Another nice one is BWIA, or British West Indian Airlines, and then there’s the more descriptive FAT or Far Eastern Transport. You won’t see neither at your local Airport unless it Heathrow or Taipei for the latter. There are other more straightforward ones like MEA or Middle Eastern Transport and NWA as Northwest Airlines. Anyway LTU means ‘Lufttransport-Unternehmen’ which translates as “We Undertake Air Transport”. As simple as that.

Remix Tunak Tunak Tun for fun and profit!

Daler MehndiDaler Mehndi single handedly brought Bhangra-based pop to the world with his brilliant video for Tunak Tunak Tun. If you worship Daler like we do, you may want to enter the Tunak Tunak Tun remix contest featured on Daler’s site. First prize is 200$…I’m not sure if the dollar sign after the number means rupees, so that’s either $200 or $4.58 in US Dollars. But either way, the true prize is the bragging you’ll be able to do at your neighborhood watering hole if you win. I’m working on my entry now, and I suggest you do the same.

Just do it!

According to the new Pope, speaking at World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany:

He called upon the hundreds of thousands of teenagers present to turn away from both secularism and new-age spirituality – what he describes as a “do-it-yourself” religion.

“Religion constructed on a ‘do-it-yourself’ basis cannot ultimately help us – it may be comfortable but at times of crisis we are left to ourselves,” he said.

Alexandro Jodorowsky Interview

Peace, like the Cat
“Since you alluded to the world’s future, have a look at this laid-back cat. If anybody were happy as this cat, then everything would be fine. There are moments of peace in this world, like this cat. If there is a moment of peace, it means that it exists.” Interview with Alexandro Jodorowsky.

Possibly my favorite movie, Santa Sangre, was directed by Jodorowsky. Many layered with all the emotions and situations that life has to offer. This is an interview he did in a cafe before he began his tarot readings.
Fascinating and, to my raging mind, soothing.