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Alex Jones in another movie: New World Order

alexjones.jpgSo if you’re lucky enough to be employed and still able to pay your cable bill, and blessed enough to have IFC On Demand, you should look for a documentary premiering April 16: New World Order. The film features Alex Jones along with an assortment of 9/11 truthers, Bilderberg buffs, and NWO theorists. Love him or hate him, you have to admit Alex Jones has presence. If you’ve seen A Scanner Darkly, you’ll remember Alex as the guy with the bullhorn warning the world one passerby at a time. Definitely worth tuning in whenever the urge strikes. I”m hoping the film will confirm Ann Coulter is a Ron Paul loving Lizard Man, but I’d watch it even if it didn’t.


Rumsfeld proposes US Ministry of Propaganda

conjuring the truthFrom Wired’s coverage of the Network Centric Warfare 2008 Conference, Donald Rumsfeld breaks with conservative ideals and suggests there’s something the free markets don’t do well: promote American values!

Private media does not get up in the morning and say what can we do to promote the values and ideas that the free Western nations believe in? It gets up in the morning and says they’re going to try to make money by selling whatever they sell… The way they decided to do that is to be dramatic and if it bleeds it leads is the common statement in the media today. They’ve got their job, and they have to do that, and that’s what they do.

Sounds like another government handout to me. We’d be better served by tax cuts for big media companies.

Spreading the truth

David Icke dropped from awards show; lizard people to blame?

one of the first depictions of lizard people in the mass mediaDavid Icke has been dropped as an award presenter for the UK Urban Music Awards scheduled on November 3rd in London:

“TV commissioning editors were worried about the reaction from the sponsors of the event due to the controversial opinions the former TV sports commentator and footballer has.”

The show is sponsored by Kickers shoes, a company that does NOT offer anything in snakeskin. Coincidence? I think not!

Bonus: Channel 5 (UK) documentary on David Icke is available in its entirety from Google Video, both for online viewing and download.

The Bohemian Grove Pinup

eb80cfe61852756396de35994a6133e1.jpgIt’s the 100th anniversary of Bohemian Grove this year. How do the gnomes of the redwoods celebrate?Honor a former Bond girl and Page 3 pinup model!

Sian said: “I’m flattered to be in the hearts and minds of such important people but my modelling career is in the past now. And, since they are so secretive, how do I know if this will be a nice gentlemen’s dinner or men leaping around doing weird and distasteful things in a forest?”

The £5,000-a-year club’s strict code bans its 2,300 members from discussing its activities but, speaking on condition of anonymity, the 25 members leading the hunt for Sian assured us that their intentions were honourable.

One of them, a California financier, said: “The poster hangs on the outside wall of a cabin in an area of the camp called Skidoo and has become rather famous throughout the club because of the artistic photography and the beauty of the subject.

“This summer will be the 100th anniversary, so we thought a black-tie dinner honouring her would be a nice thing to do.

Found via Wonkette’s superior coverage