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Ackme-Our Man on the ground goes to Space Coast Florida.

Day 2–Ackme-Our Man on the Ground

Day 2–Ackme-Our Man on the Ground

Ackme writes from Space Coast, Florida:ksc-sign.jpg
“OK, I might not say this tomorrow, but right now, I would say that if
there was no launch, this trip has already been well worth worth it.
Even though, in a lot of ways, the parts of KSC that I saw today were
like a “Theme Park,” it is a theme park where the theme is “smart.”
It’s about science and math and people believing the science enough
to bet their lives that it’s right (and sometimes being wrong).
Nothing against the mouse, but hey, that’s a theme!”

Our Man on the Ground – Ackme finally Arrives – Day 1

Ackme goes to Space Coast Florida for the New Horizons Launch (click here for the full day one report).
After a very nasty beginning that started with an incompetent airport limo service and a missed flight, Ackme has arrived at a lovely suite with a rental car upgrade.

The hotel features a Denny’s on the premises that deals with the room service. 24 hours a day. I said–24 Hours a Day. 3 am Double Bacon Grand Slam, Geeks!

First meal?
T-Bone, eggs, grits, toast, side of bacon, two coffees. Ten minutes!

We will stand-by for further transmissions. Get the latest from Ackme’s trip everyday here.