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Wired News: Tribal Curse Haunts Launch Pad

Full Story: Wired News: Tribal Curse Haunts Launch Pad

“According to space historian Robert Ash, construction workers building the pad unearthed human remains from an ancient Chumash Indian burial ground. Members of the tribe asked the Air Force to study the area and move the remains to another location, but the military brass ignored the request and continued construction.

Naturally this angered the Chumash tribe, and, according to local legends, a tribe leader put a curse on the site.”

And the curse seems to have worked. Nothing but trouble from there.

The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA)

SF Bay Area Independent Media Center-Clown Army


“We went to see if us clowns could fly big planes and drive big cars too, but the army people were too serious and tried to kick us out. Once we played some games and explained consensus to them, they were a little happier with us. We decided their army was boring and set up our own recruiting table for the ‘Army of Fun’ outside while the rest of us tried to get them to laugh.

After like 45 minutes, the Oakland Police showed up and made us all leave. We were sad to leave the fun party inside, but I think the army people just wanted an excuse for a day off, because right after we left, they shut down the office and headed home.”

This is one of the few times where clowns are acceptable. Keep up that good Klown work.

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“I got me my new kidney at Wal-Mart!” by Martin Luther Gene

Wal-Mart Kidney?

Well why not?

“Today, it is the largest importer of Chinese-made products in the world, buying $10
billion worth of merchandise from several thousand Chinese factories. (Indy Week)

So when I read this article:
China ‘selling prisoners’ organs’

It hit me! Wal-Mart should start under-cutting the medical community the same way it’s
shafted countless other American businesses and industries! After all, it did move it’s
worldwide purchasing headquarters to China. Why not cash in on the glut of Chinese organ

Why not give the HMO’s and the PPO’s a reason to fear like any other business who’s seen
their lively-hood vaporize when the shadow of “Sam’s Evil Beast” falls upon them?

Picture a medical bay between the automotive service department and the gardening
supplies… a cheerful sign reads something to the effect of: “Welcome to ol’ Doc Sam’s
Surg’ry Club, where ya don’t have to pay an arm & an a leg for an arm & an a leg!” (this
is a text balloon coming from their “happy face” mascot wearing an old time doctor’s
reflector on it’s smiley head). They could even offer a “2-for-1″ deal: “get a set of
tires AND a transplant of the organ / limb of yur choice for 1 low price!”.

Just a thought.