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GodzMonkey: Ah, the Holidays

A very special Thanksgiving from GodzMonkey:

“Ahhh, the Holidays!

So yesterday I cooked up a turkey breast and doctored up some Stove Top Stuffing with
chopped onion, celery, garlic & mushrooms… got one of them little tubs of pre-made
mashed potatoes and it was all good. Watched a few videos while cooking, eating and
tossing back a few beers. Not a bad Thanksgiving until cleaning up the mess later that
night, when while washing dishes and pans I looked down and saw water pooling up up
around my feet.


A look under the sink revealed that dish water was heavily leaking through one of the
old corroded slip-nuts that connects the “P” trap to the drain pipe. A bucket was an
easy fix while I pondered calling the landlady, who would then call a plumber, and since
this wasn’t a dire emergency like a busted water pipe or clogged toilet, chances were
that I’d have a bucket under the sink until sometime next week which would also mean
having to take time off from work to let the plumber in.

So, while most people were out attacking department stores for that “Black Friday” sale,
I made a trip to Home Depot (well, two trips). A PVC P trap kit runs about $6 bucks, so
it didn’t seem like much to spend to quickly resolve the leak. When I got home I was all
ready to get my hands dirty when I realized that the channel lock pliers I vividly
remembered owning were not in the tool box. Damn! Hence the the second trip back to Home
Depot and an additional $10 bucks spent.

The trap wasn’t all that hard to replace, but it was a bit messy and uncomfortable and
now I really do own some channel lock pliers! ”

John Dayl


Update: There’s a special John Dayl tribute show on Saturday 11/10 from 7 to 9 PM MST (That’s GMT -7). Supposed to be streaming live on the KFNX web site.

It breaks our hearts to have to report on the death of radio host legend, John Dayl. He passed away peacefully in his sleep Sunday afternoon, November 4th.

We had just listened to John on Saturday and were thoroughly entertained by his talk of not much more than his trip to Idaho. He said he hadn’t kept up on anything political but if callers wanted to discuss something, fine. Nobody did, everybody was happy talking about Idaho along with John.

A great political mind and always kind to nervous listeners, Dayl was more than the cantankerous old man. Of course, that’s mostly what we’ll remember him for. He was fired from just about every local radio station in Phoenix, hired back by most of them. He had more fans than foes who could protest louder than the politically correct folks that wanted Dayl run out on a rail.

The last great story he told Saturday night was about his trip back from Idaho. He said he couldn’t do the long drive in one haul anymore, he was worn out. He stopped off in Vegas for a room. The woman “In her 30s, not an unnattractive woman..” told him that they only had the Jacuzzi Room for 285 dollars a night. John, and I wish you could hear his voice, said, “Honey, if they threw you into the jacuzzi with the room, I still wouldn’t pay 285 dollars a night.”
And he left.

A few nights later, he left us all for good. It was probably the only peaceful exit he ever made.

The Festival Of Pomona and All Saints Day


On the Roman God/dess Calender, today is Pomona’s Day. She was/is the Goddess of Fruit Trees, Garden and Orchards.

The Catholics are doing a Halloween antidote of All Saints Day.

Friday, the 2nd, kicks off Dia De Los Muertes. Take the whole weekend! The Veil between life and death remains thin until Nov 7th when true Samhain occurs. Be polite with the unusual.

The Holiday Blend


On the left: Hauntingly Delicious Brownies.

The veil between living and the dead thins this week. An awesome blend of Pagan, Catholic, and Celtic lore.

Halloween Oct 31.

All Souls and Saints Day each get a day on Nov 1st and 2nd.

And usually the most spectacular, Dia de la Muertes, occurs on the 1st or 2nd of November depending on which calendar you use.