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Remembering Barry Goldwater

Goldwater: you know he's right!

Goldwater: you know he's right!

May 29 is the anniversary of Barry Goldwater’s death. Let’s remember him with a story told by Clark C. McClelland about Goldwater’s attempts to find the truth about UFOs.

That seemed to prove to me that UFOs were a fact, and do exist. But, are they all aliens? I highly suspect a majority are! Hell, they are no doubt far ahead of our level of intelligence. TheUnited States Air Foce knows the truth, but will they ever reveal it to this nation?

Atlantis to Return to Earth Saturday, May 22nd


“Astronauts aboard space shuttle Atlantis are preparing to return to Earth after an ambitious and risky mission to re-fit the Hubble telescope.

Bad weather in Florida has cancelled the Friday landing.

Next landing oppurtunity will be Saturday at 9:16 a.m. EDT (1316 GMT), and they’ll have a back-up landing space Edwards Air Force Base in California if Kennedy is still having weather issues.

3rd party Alien Jesus art

Amazingly enough, the Alien Jesus Collective is not the only source of Alien Jesus art on the Internet. Found a collection of Alien Jesus art by all sorts of artists (including one by yours truly). Unfortunately, there’s no attribution, which makes it kind of hard to track down more work by the same artists. Here’s one of my favorites from the collection:


If anyone can identify the artist, please post a comment.

Another head on Mars?

alienhead.jpgHere’s a picture from the surface of Mars, taken by NASA’s Spirit rover in 2006. The photo shows a rock resembling a head. The Daily Telegraph has a non-story of sorts, not much useful info available yet. I’m a little surprised Richard Hoagland’s site doesn’t have any thing up yet. So what’s the deal? An ancient statue of the Space Buddha blown up by the Martian Taliban? Optical illusion? Doctored photo? Leave your guess in the comments.