Be nicer to Peter Davenport!

logo4.jpgPeter Davenport, director of The National UFO Reporting Center is tired of givin’ it away. According to Davenport, the kids prank calling the NUFORC hotline and the low quality of genuine eyewitnesses “has had a significant, and adverse, effect on my desire to continue running NUFORC in the manner that we have done it in the past.” Then he really lets loose:

I’ve been to 40 countries and I’ve never encountered less common sense that I find in this country. Americans pay king’s ransoms to send their kids to school and all they learn is how to put on cheerleader outfits or football uniforms.

Peter Davenport isn’t getting rich off of NUFORC. He doesn’t even make a Richard Hoagland income off of it. I’d urge everyone to read and follow his instructions before calling up with a report, but I’m not sure if the problem callers are even capable of that. There’s nothing easier than going broke overestimating the intelligence of the average Joe the plumber. Good luck Peter!