William Henry-CERN and the God(damn) Particle

William Henry-Hadron Collider, Mayan Prophecy-The Biggest of Bangs?

William Henry is a master at putting the pieces of our puzzling existence together.

In this article he snaps together Elijah, Mayan 2012 calendar, and the collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Stargate, God Particle, black holes, there’s a whole lot the real smart monkeys are playing with. It’s of comfort to have William’s wise and warm (humorous too!) voice along on this hella big bang of a ride.

William writes: “I visited CERN looking to read the signs and the symbols of the scientists who are poised to either turn earth into a light echo as it slips into a black hole in a silent scream or to open a stargate to a new universe.

At first glance, one could be on the campus of an university in America.

Then there’s the statue of Shiva stamping out ignorance.”


William and Shiva, the Lord of the Dance, or Lord of the Ring, at CERN

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14 thoughts on “William Henry-CERN and the God(damn) Particle

  1. With all the biblical and symbolic connections he made, I’m surprised Mr. Henry didn’t point out that the CERN logo contains exactly three non-reversed 6′s. See it at CERN’s website, http://www.cern.ch.

  2. Creepy, but not as creepy as pseudo-scientific safety arguments such as “black holes won’t eat you” being passed off as a safety review!

    First they tell us that micro black holes can’t be produced, then they tell us they can.

    Next they tell us that cosmic rays prove safety, then they tell us cosmic ray results travel too fast to be captured by Earth.

    And still we are told “no danger”, but then Dr. Raj Baldev writes “ … the scientists are fully aware that it is not a project without a grave risk to the life of the Earth.”

    Now we are told there is no need to delay four months for a transparent safety review.

    Got Facts? Want some? LHCFacts.org

  3. Here’s the CERN logo. I can see the three sixes, although there are some extra lines:

  4. Another coincidence? A scientist in Germany named Otto Rossler is concerned about this and he has calculated mathematically how fast he thinks a black hole could accrete the whole earth. He worked it out to 50 months. CERN is supposed to start testing in July this year with full power experiments starting in the fall, perhaps September or October. 50 months past October takes us to December 2012.

  5. Did you know that the LSAG (Large Hadron Collider Safety Assessment Group) agreed with us that cosmic rays will produce relativistic microblackholes, whereas the LHC will produce ‘slow’ ones, with some that can be captured gravitationally, either by the earth, or by the Sun, so they orbit through our planet or the Sun?

    The LSAG is also not assuming Hawking Radiation is valid in their new safety study.

    I wonder how much time the world’s scientists will have to peer review and validate the new findings after they are released?

  6. Correction:

    The LHC Safety Assessment Group (LSAG) agreed with us that if cosmic rays produce micro black holes, they will be relativistic and travel too fast to be captured by Earth’s gravity, whereas if LHC head-on particle collisions produces micro black holes they will be non-relativistic with some that can be captured gravitationally, either by the Earth, or by the Sun.

    LSAG is also not assuming Hawking Radiation is valid in their new safety study.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I must say that I am applaud by what you are stating, to say that out Lord, Jesus Christ is/was an alien is flat out Blasphemy and is from the doctrines of demons, May I suggest you research the numerous connections between ufology and the occult! I believe once you have you’ll realize that is not Jesus which you should referring too, but it is the Devil/Satan who deciveth the whole world! (World-Wide UFO Deception, Duh!) and that Jesus Christ truly is Lord!

    You are playing with fire, literally and a dangerous game when you suggest that Jesus Christ is anything other then what he truly is, which is Lord! (The living Son of God!) and if you should continue pursuing this absurdity, do not say that no one tried to warn you – Peace!

  8. I don’t know where these folk get their information—but Shiva is the Hindu god of DESTRUCTION–which kind of struck me as strange to have in front of this project which no one is REALLY sure wouldn’t spell the end of our lil part of the cosmos.
    Curious as to why they shut it down? Both what they say—-and the REAL reason.

  9. In the Gospel 10:10 Jesus says: Truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter into the sheepfold by the door, but going up by another way, that one is a thief and a robber.

    Also the bible states that angels have already been on the earth before but are now held captive with eternal strings in a special place waiting to be judged at the end of times. (read Jude 1:6)

    What is more important is that when Jesus came into the earth, he came with a purpose. He came to give his own life as a sacrifice for human kind. He came in this world by a legal way that is through birth out of a woman, a virgin. God said mankind is condemned in itself thought the pollution of sin. Jesus died without having sinned. So death had no legal ground (no right) to keep Jesus bound after the Romans killed Him by nailing Him at a Cross 2000 years ago. When God raised Jesus from the dead tree days later He ultimately conquered death hell and the grave, in a way that we ourselves could not have done because of the pollution of our soul by sin. He by doing this opened a new spiritual doorway for us to our heavenly Father. Now by believing in Him, (in His death and His resurrection) we by faith become partakers of His death as well as in His resurrection. Any human being can receive this free gift of salvation by receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savoir. The gift is granted for free to all mankind. Make this choice today by saying: Father forgive me of my sins, I know I have sinned. I believe in the resurrection of your Son Jesus. I believe that he died for my sins at the cross at Calvary. I receive Your forgiveness now today! By the way Jesus was and is not an alien but it is mankind that alienated from (the life of) God. Jesus is now at the right hand of the Father. He is made in the exact image and likeness of God. Looking at Jesus is looking into a mirror and seeing al that God intended a human being to be. Receiving forgiveness is the fist step in reconciling mankind with God.

  10. By the way, that was a response to Mike’s comment on 4th October 2008

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