Grand Theft Auto-Midnight at Blockbuster


The Gamer Division of Alien Jesus gathered for the buying of Grand Theft Auto.

11:40pm, we put Colbert on pause and headed for the last round at Starbucks located right across the parking lot from Blockbuster. Thwarted! Bastards closed at 11pm.

We smoked furiously in the van and waited the 15 minutes before they Blockbuster would sell us the game.

11:50pm trucks, SUVs and other vans start pulling in. No cars. GTAers drive big vehicles.

11:55pm we go in with the other 20 or so people. Mostly men ranging from the 13 year old clutching a can of Red Bull to the overweight late 30s guy with a basement pallor.

We roamed like we were being controlled by a broken joystick. Blockbuster had made no preparation for people lining up for a game they had been heavily promoting. A loose line formed and at midnight promptly the sales began.

Gamers pay funny. A combination of cash and two or three credit cards. “If that doesn’t have enough on it, I have another one.” The cash must have come from returnable cans and bottles. Blood donations.

Nobody had pre-ordered and they didn’t know to hand out the framed art work or not to those who didn’t reserve. The line said “YES, hand out the framed art work to everybody.” They did.

Grabbed our copy and headed for coffee and cigarettes. On the way home we passed Game Crazy (the wretched game part of Hollywood video) with a huge line out front. They were handing out the GTA faceplate. I don’t care if they were actually giving the game away, AJ Gamer Division loathes and despises Game Crazy. Wait in line, you fools, we already have the shrink wrap off.

Home. Xbox on. Mission Accomplished. Review of GTA to follow.

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  1. “Wait in line, you fools, we already have the shrink wrap off.”


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