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A cold one’s legal in Wisconsin…for now

Accused grave robbers dodge sex charges

“Three men who dug up a young woman’s corpse to have sex with it after seeing her obituary photo cannot be charged with attempted sexual assault because Wisconsin has no law against necrophilia, an appeals court ruled Thursday.”

Seems like a sex tourism business waiting to happen. Probably not a huge market for necrophilia holidays, but I bet the clientele is extremely loyal. Act fast though, there’s already been a bill introduced to outlaw it!

The Sumo Diet


Unfortunately, the Pizza Hut “Double Roll” pizza is only available in Japan. Crust blanketed bacon wrapped sausages surround a center full of everything you can think of. 646 calories per slice, not counting the maple syrup dipping sauce. I wonder if they deliver to hotel rooms?

(Via Gizmodo.)

Report: Astronauts Drank Before Launch

Report: Astronauts Drank Before Launch – The Huffington Post

“CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — “At least twice, astronauts were allowed to fly after flight surgeons and other astronauts warned they were so drunk they posed a flight-safety risk, an aviation weekly reported Thursday, citing a special panel studying astronaut health.”


I don’t know that booze would be my first choice for blasting off in a rocket but I’d sure the hell want something. Exploring new frontiers is tough work, you need to take the edge off!

Here’s a thorough, thoughtful, hilarious article from our heros at
Modern Drunkard Magazine: Space-The Winos Frontier


UFO sightings bring town to a standstill | the Daily Mail

UFO sightings bring town to a standstill | the Daily Mail


On a clear night in Warwickshire, England (Shakespeare’s birthplace) a crowd of at least one hundred were in the streets watching UFO activity.

“Hillary Potter from The British Earth Aerial Mystery Society (BEAMS) said they were being inundated with similar calls from across the country but said it was rare for such phenomena to be witnessed by so many people.

She said: ‘Such incidents have been on the increase recently. There are reports at the moment coming in from all over the country.

‘We’ve had many reports of people seeing quite large unidentified objects in the skies. It’s not going away, It seems these incidents are becoming more bold.

‘People don’t know what to do when they witness such sights and that’s what we’re here for. We take the reports very seriously.”

Now despite the fact they had mostly all come from inside a pub to watch, that’s alot of people to be seeing this. There’s a video taken by a bystander that shows some pretty interesting activity.

Warwickshire Lights

Tammy Faye, Farewell


From Friday to Saturday night I did not turn on the tv or computer. I was reading the Harry Potter. First thing I read upon entering the real world was Tammy Faye had passed.

She had just done the Larry King show the previous Wednesday (aired thursday) and said she wanted to be remembered for the eyelashes. There’s alot more to her than that. She was a nice woman, loved everybody, tried to make things happy.
Tammy’s Jesus worked for her.

I’m very sorry to see her go.

I wonder if somebody read her the ending of Potter and she thought, good as time as any to scoot.

The New Phil Hendrie Show

The New Phil Hendrie Show

Phil has been added to KTAR FM 92.3 in Phoenix , AZ so I don’t have to mess around with listening online.

His shows are steadily going back to the old format and funny as ever. I still don’t agree with many of his political views but that’s freedom of speech, Patriots.

There’s an archive of all his latest radio shows on the above link and that will remain up til the master company, TRN, has their own.

Harry Potter Book Party

Walden’s Books-E.Bell Rd, Phoenix AZ

The Walden’s Books may be a small store but they know how to throw a book party. Especially a Harry Potter Bash. All employees were dressed to the nines and had a cheerful and helpful attitude to go with it.

Lines snaked throughout the book aisles and people would come through with free posters and Potter candies. The Potter soundtrack played the whole time.

The usual eclectic mix of people you see show up for Rowling’s creations. All ages, shapes, sizes, levels of mutations. Two nasty teen boys showed up as dementors but the middle-aged ones of us in 2.99 wizard hats were having none of it. They waited nicely in line. We all waited nicely in line for about 40 minutes.

It was a swell bash and now I’m going to grab some dessert and start reading.