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Deer Valley Fireworks Gallery

Here’s the full gallery of fireworks pics from the Deer Valley show. All were shot handheld with a Nikon Coolpix P5000 in fireworks scene mode. The results are arguably better than what my old Coolpix 5700 can do on a tripod in full manual mode. There’s a little bit of a learning curve with it, but the P5000 seems to do a great job with anything I throw at it. Wish the wide angle was 28mm equivalent instead of 36mm, but that’s a minor quibble. If you’re in the market for a pocket point and shoot, this is a camera you should be looking at. More pics I’ve shot with it can be seen here.

Deer Valley 4th of July Fireworks Show


Deer Valley Community Center Fireworks Show

The firework display this year at Deer Valley Communities Center’s 4th of July celebration was fantastic. New designs in pyrotechnics I’ve never seen before.

On arrival, we could see this was a well attended event but driving around for less than five minutes we found a spot that wasn’t too far from the park. In 103 degrees, you consider distance more keenly.

Plenty of elbow room for everyone which I’m sure led to the continuing festive feel and didn’t turn the place into a broken bottle battlefield o’ grass-claiming warriors.
103 degrees will also make you keenly aware of personal space.


Many people had the glow sticks and other forms of wearable light. Sparkling, flashing, day-glo, rainbow, all bouncing through the crowd.

The band playing gave it their all. They still aren’t quite there for the 2am lounge act in Vegas but they did the job tonight. It’s too bad they didn’t have them do the patriotic numbers that played throughout the fireworks.

I know for a family event you aren’t going to play “America, Fuck Yeah” from the South Park boys but for Uncle Sam’s sake, why would you play the Pat Boone version of “Proud to be an American” instead of Lee Greenwood?
I want that patriotic, psychotic growl of Greenwood’s, clenching my nads with national pride!

Aside from that, the evening got my flag waving. Well Done Deer Valley!

Story from the road

So I had taken my sister and her boyfriend along for a bike ride following the motorway construction that I have been photographing since last summer. It was a beautiful evening, one of those marvelous Danish summers. A pale blue sky inhabited by a couple of lone clouds.

We had biked from Lystrup to Skødstrup to look at the beginning of the motorway. The work on the road had come a long way since my last visit this February. Back then the landscape was covered in snow, seemingly blending all the elements together. If only visually.

My fellow travelers seemed to enjoy themselves as they were biking along in their own tempo. On our way home, we stopped at a badly neglected little farmhouse. It must have been a beautiful place when it was actually a farm. Now the walls of the house were covered with graffiti and the grass was a couple of meters up in the air. My sister wanted to have a closer look.

We saw that the door to the main house was open, and you could hear the sound of running water. I decided to have a look inside. The entrance was littered with old advertisement leaflets and wet newspapers. It stank of decay. Not shit, but just a musty, heavy decay. It was moist. The walls and the carpets were wet, which made it pretty hard to breathe properly. The toilet looked like it hadn’t been used for a couple of years.

After my first inspection I waved them all over and we had a look inside. It was dark. No lights were on. In what used to be a living room there was a sofa. On it we found a couple of boxes full of papers. The small desk next to it was also full of papers. My sister had a closer look. Some of them were court papers, others bank statements—they seemed to be neatly organised. On the wall I found a framed wedding picture. I took it down to have a closer look and showed it to my sister. I was very excited and wanted to take it with me. She told me that I better not. I placed it back on the wall and eventually started taking a couple of photographs.

There was hardly any light and I didn’t have a flash with me. The others left the house, leaving me to take my pictures. I was fiddling with my camera. The card was full—forcing me to delete a couple of unwanted shots. I took some pictures of a rack full of old suits and a couple ties. The water is still running in the bathroom.

I leave the house and we are standing around outside chatting. I am telling my sister’s boyfriend some lame joke that I have just bought the house. We both pretend that it is funny. I mention the state of the bathroom to my sister and she decides to have a look for herself.

She walks back into the house and suddenly she is running out. “There is someone in there” she yells. I look up and a man with a full beard wearing a red sweater is standing looking quite bewildered. My sister is apologising to him. “We didn’t know that anyone was living in there”. I tell him that we were just talking in his courtyard and have done nothing wrong. He starts shouting that we must get the hell out of there. We all jump on our bikes. My chain falls of. The two of them are cycling away. I am fiddling with my chain. He doesn’t chase us.

Cycling home and looking behind us every 10 seconds, my sister explains that she was peeking into the bathroom when the door behind her opened. She panicked and ran. We look at each other with a mixture of laughter and shock.

Phil Hendrie is Back:Talk Radio Network

Talk Radio Network: Company News

-update June 26th: It’s not funny Phil. It’s Michael Savage Lite Phil. It’s a recently divorced guy alone in his apartment with a microphone. Hatin’.-

” Phil Hendrie Joins TRN-FM with New Weekday Overnight Show

Los Angeles, CA -Talk Radio Network-FM announces the addition of The Phil Hendrie Show, premiering June 25, 2007. The new overnight show is scheduled to be live 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. PST weeknights. ”