Charles in Space–Space Adventures

Charles in Space

Super-Rich-Guy, Charles Simonyi, who obtained his riches with the development of Microsoft’s Word, will blast off from Kazakhstan at 1731 GMT. His pal, Martha Stewart, who journeyed to Kazakhstan, is cooking him a meal to go.

Charles has a real spiff website that’s worth checking out. Live launch broadcast and updates. Why is he doing it? Rich. Probably looking at the moon for investment purposes.

You want to go into space? Charles paid 20 million but he’s going swank.
Space Adventures can hook you up with some type of launch. There’s always some country willing to shoot your bored, rich ass into the sky!

I’m really amazed there isn’t something like this with NASA. Make a branch of NASA just for this. With the always struggling-for-cash space programs, this could make a difference. What? We are ok with the Russians getting ahead of us now?
Are we not the Kings of Kapitalism?

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