WorldNetDaily: Lights ‘not of this world’ mystery finally solved

WorldNetDaily: Lights ‘not of this world’
mystery finally solved

“Officials say the colorful illuminations seen Jan. 9 over western Arkansas came from special military flares that slowly parachuted to the ground as part of an Air Force training mission involving A-10 aircraft pilots at nearby Fort Chaffee, a base used for testing weaponry.”

But Jim Chadbourne of Waterford, Conn asks reasonably:

“Are you trying to tell us that a retired Air Force colonel doesn’t know the difference between flares and lights from a UFO? But the Air Force trusted him enough to fly F-16s, multi-million dollar jets?” When are the media going to stop listening to the government’s crap and report the truth?”

I believe almost always these sightings have something to do with the military. But flares? Well, at least they said something this time rather than the usual “We have nothing on record, Tinfoil Citizen.”

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