What’s going on in Paraguay?

Map of ParaguayWhat’s going on in Paraguay? The US State Department says nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone agrees there have been 400 US troops in Paraguay for a little over a year now, all of whom have enjoyed some level of diplomatic immunity. There’s also consensus that this immmunity is coming to an end soon. There are multiple theories regarding why US troops are there. Nothing too shocking so far, but there’s more to this story.

The most interesting piece is just starting to get play in the US, but it has shown up in a major British news outlet. The juicy items:

~ Jenna Bush has been in Paraguay recently, supposedly as a UNICEF volunteer (maybe teaching mixology?).

~ It’s rumored that Bush the Younger just bought 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay’s Gran Chaco region.

~ The land parcel in question is near other huge parcels owned by Bush the Elder and Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

~ Underneath this part of Paraguay you’ll find the GuaraniAquifer, the largest freshwater aquifer in South America.

~ Also nearby is the town of Mariscal Estigarribia, with a runway that may or may not be big enough to land any plane the US Air Force has.

~ The World Bank has been involved in Paraguay for several years now. Hard to say if the World Bank will help Paraguay as much as they’ve helped in Africa.

So is the Bush family buying huge tracts of land in what’s described as Paraguay’s “wild west”? And if so, why? Speculate in the comments.