KRDO News 13-Four AirForce Installations at a Higher Alert Level

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“An Air Force installation in Colorado Springs and one near Denver are operating with heightened security.
The Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, which houses NORAD, is now at “Bravo-Plus”.

There are five levels of alert: normal, Alpha (low), Bravo (medium), Charlie (high) and Delta (critical). “Bravo-Plus” is slightly higher than a medium threat level.

The Cheyenne Mountain Air Station And Buckley Air Force Base are among four installations in the country at the higher alert level ordered last week by then- Acting-Commander of Air Force Space Command, General Fred Klotz.

Space Command would not comment on the reason for the security increase.

The order also affects Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and Patrick air force base in Florida.

I don’t know what to think about this but man, is that Airforce Space Command logo bitchen or what?
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ART at the Air Force Space Command

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