The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA)

SF Bay Area Independent Media Center-Clown Army


“We went to see if us clowns could fly big planes and drive big cars too, but the army people were too serious and tried to kick us out. Once we played some games and explained consensus to them, they were a little happier with us. We decided their army was boring and set up our own recruiting table for the ‘Army of Fun’ outside while the rest of us tried to get them to laugh.

After like 45 minutes, the Oakland Police showed up and made us all leave. We were sad to leave the fun party inside, but I think the army people just wanted an excuse for a day off, because right after we left, they shut down the office and headed home.”

This is one of the few times where clowns are acceptable. Keep up that good Klown work.

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