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Safe deposit boxes – safe or not?

safe-deposit-box.jpgThis could be mere internet paranoia, but if anyone can confirm it I’d love to hear from them. Supposedly, Homeland Security officials have been training bank employees in some new procedures for safe deposit boxes in the event of a national emergency:

…only agents from Homeland Security (during such an event) would be in charge of opening safe deposit boxes and determining what items would be given to bank customers…no weapons, cash, gold, or silver will be allowed to leave the bank – only various paperwork will be given to its owners.

Any bank employees out there care to drop the dime on Michael Chertoff?

Jack Abramoff’s previous career

redscorpion.jpgTeddy Stern has posted a fascinating look at what Jack Abramoff was up to in the late 80′s: writing and producing Dolph Lundgren movies!

Back in the mid-1980s, after completing his term as Chairman of the College Republicans, Jack headed out to Hollywood to try his dirty hand at film producing. He produced just one film, Red Scorpion, a B-movie dick flick starring Dolph Lundgren. On top of producing, Jack wrote the story. Joseph Zito, the mastermind behind Friday the 13th Part 4, directed.

This is truly mindboggling. Be sure to check out the trailer!

Day 2–Ackme-Our Man on the Ground

Day 2–Ackme-Our Man on the Ground

Ackme writes from Space Coast, Florida:ksc-sign.jpg
“OK, I might not say this tomorrow, but right now, I would say that if
there was no launch, this trip has already been well worth worth it.
Even though, in a lot of ways, the parts of KSC that I saw today were
like a “Theme Park,” it is a theme park where the theme is “smart.”
It’s about science and math and people believing the science enough
to bet their lives that it’s right (and sometimes being wrong).
Nothing against the mouse, but hey, that’s a theme!”

Marathon Ennui

2006 Sponsor Name Musical Style MarathonSo Phoenix threw a marathon Sunday morning, and since the compound is within spitting distance of the course Buck and I decided to take a few pictures. Take my word, when Soylent Green makes the McDonald’s value menu, the top marathon runners will be the last ones anybody wants to drop in the tanks. Way too damn stringy. Anyway, the 2006 Alien Jesus Collective Nu-Metal Marathon Pictures of the 2006 Sponsor Name Musical Style Marathon by Buck Huff are here, and mine are here.

Our Man on the Ground – Ackme finally Arrives – Day 1

Ackme goes to Space Coast Florida for the New Horizons Launch (click here for the full day one report).
After a very nasty beginning that started with an incompetent airport limo service and a missed flight, Ackme has arrived at a lovely suite with a rental car upgrade.

The hotel features a Denny’s on the premises that deals with the room service. 24 hours a day. I said–24 Hours a Day. 3 am Double Bacon Grand Slam, Geeks!

First meal?
T-Bone, eggs, grits, toast, side of bacon, two coffees. Ten minutes!

We will stand-by for further transmissions. Get the latest from Ackme’s trip everyday here.