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Sacred Geometry – a kinder, gentler TimeCube

sacred geometry

If you’ve been educated stupid, but don’t appreciate being reminded of it, Dan Winter’s Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion-HeartTuner + BlissTuner might be a sweeter dose of medicine:

Scale Invariance (‘Global Scaling’) is key to gravity and making life BECAUSE self-similarity (embedability) enables (non-destructive) COMPRESSION (/ fusion / collapse )
What Dan Winter has done is develop the power spectra tools to optimize / teach this….-
The perfectly coherent FRACTAL HEART is self-similar… A HOLARCHY.

Heavy, man…

Arkansas spook lights

Arkansas lightsSploid: Arkansas cops chase spook lights

In an Ozark backwater with little in the way of entertainment or distractions, the Dover Lights overlook is a popular hangout for kids. The light show happens with spooky regularity; some locals claim they’ve seen the lights hundreds of times.

Below the bluff is an untouched green Arkansas valley, with densely wooded mountains rising to the west. According to eyewitness reports and local legend, the lights “come out” when called.

Excellent story of Arkansas’ “Dover Lights.” Also worth a look is the original story from the Russellville Courier.

Happy Everything

Feliz NavidogWatch! Feliz Navidog: The Movie

It was another festive holiday season at The Desert Command. The liquor cabinet was restocked, the turkey was less dry than usual, and treats abounded. Mexican TeeVee saved the day for Christmas programming.

New Year’s Celebrations in less than a week. 2006 ya’ll.