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Remix Tunak Tunak Tun for fun and profit!

Daler MehndiDaler Mehndi single handedly brought Bhangra-based pop to the world with his brilliant video for Tunak Tunak Tun. If you worship Daler like we do, you may want to enter the Tunak Tunak Tun remix contest featured on Daler’s site. First prize is 200$…I’m not sure if the dollar sign after the number means rupees, so that’s either $200 or $4.58 in US Dollars. But either way, the true prize is the bragging you’ll be able to do at your neighborhood watering hole if you win. I’m working on my entry now, and I suggest you do the same.

Just do it!

According to the new Pope, speaking at World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany:

He called upon the hundreds of thousands of teenagers present to turn away from both secularism and new-age spirituality – what he describes as a “do-it-yourself” religion.

“Religion constructed on a ‘do-it-yourself’ basis cannot ultimately help us – it may be comfortable but at times of crisis we are left to ourselves,” he said.

Alexandro Jodorowsky Interview

Peace, like the Cat
“Since you alluded to the world’s future, have a look at this laid-back cat. If anybody were happy as this cat, then everything would be fine. There are moments of peace in this world, like this cat. If there is a moment of peace, it means that it exists.” Interview with Alexandro Jodorowsky.

Possibly my favorite movie, Santa Sangre, was directed by Jodorowsky. Many layered with all the emotions and situations that life has to offer. This is an interview he did in a cafe before he began his tarot readings.
Fascinating and, to my raging mind, soothing.

Machinima becomes interesting

Machinima has been with us for some time. You may have seen Alexander Leon’s Mario Brothers flash movies, or “Video Mods” on MTV. But there’s a new contender that blew us away: This Spartan Life. This Spartan Life is a talk show. The talking happens on a public Halo server, and the conversations are occasionally interrupted by random gunfire. Imagine Terry Gross interviewing Alvin Toffler in the streets of Baghdad. Plus the Solid Gold Elite Dancers!

Faking it, again

They’ve done it again. Someone has gone ahead and faked a picture of the Helios 737-300 that crashed the other day in Greece. There are some examples here. The source photographs originate from I am sure everyone remembers the picture of a 757 seconds away from crashing into the world trade center (the one where the lighting was all wrong). This is one by far a much better attempt, but still TECHNICALLY WRONG, the worst kind of wrongness.