Monthly Archives: March 2004

Republicans help finance Nader ’04

GOP donors double dipping with Nader

“Nearly 10 percent of the Nader contributors who have given him at least $250 each have a history of supporting the Republican president, national GOP candidates or the party, according to computer-assisted review of financial records by The Dallas Morning News. Among the new crop of Nader donors: actor and former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein, Florida frozen-food magnate Jeno Paulucci and Pennsylvania oil company executive Terrence Jacobs. All have strong ties to the GOP.”

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How’s Your Ears?

Welcome to How’s Your News?
“How’s Your News?” is a documentary film which features a team of five news reporters with mental and physical disabilities. We all met at a summer camp in Massachusetts. To make “How’s Your News?” we drove across America in a hand-painted RV, interviewing the people we met along the way.”

The make music too.
How’s Your Music