Monthly Archives: December 2003

Sunrise, Sunset, that’s terror talk!

FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs

“While we doubt that our editorial content would be of particular interest to people who would wish to do us harm, we will certainly cooperate to the fullest with national authorities at any level they deem appropriate,” publisher John Pierce said.”

so will our names be turned over if we buy one or is just the carrying of it? Of course we’d have to carry it from the store to our home. Ask them to double bag it! If you actually get to leave the store.
I’m buying my Farmer’s Almanac on New Year’s Eve like I always do. I might buy two.

And why can’t we do this in the States?

The whispering wheel

An efficient system for making cars, trucks, buses, run more efficiently, more quietly is being done right this minute. Why can’t we do this here? I can’t wait to hear the reasons why. Unless one of these vehicles has an “accident” and kills all the passengers along with the program and then who needs to say anything?

Fuel efficiency, oh the cronies in Washington aren’t going to like that.