Monthly Archives: November 2003

An Army of Juan

The Problem

It’s becoming clear that current American military manpower is insufficient to support our current agenda of empire building. Although our forces have been sufficient to make Afghanistan safe for opium farmers and Iraq relatively safe for Halliburton and Dyncorp, the effort has required substantial mobilizations of National Guard and Reserve troops. These mobilizations have raised some very serious questions for soldiers considering reenlistment. Senator John McCain has even expressed his concern about reservists deciding the burden is too great, and leaving the military to become full time civilians. Some have suggested the reinstatement of the draft as a solution to the Pentagon’s staffing woes. At first glance, the idea of reinstating the draft seems an untenable position to take in an election year. Granted, if anyone can sugar coat the draft and sell it to the American public like Skittles, it’s Karl Rove. But I have an alternative that would allow us to beef up our military inexpensively, while solving another problem that’s been simmering for years: illegal immigration.
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