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Wilson and Wife

Man Behind the Furor (

“Even though the White House has said Rove wasn’t involved, Wilson made clear yesterday that he has no intention of backing off from his assertion that Rove at least condoned someone’s making telephone calls to reporters about his wife. He said he took a call from a reporter who quoted Rove as saying: “Joe Wilson’s wife is fair game.”

This is a good story, Wilson has a fine sense of humor.

Cairoscopes Oct 1


Ava has finally shown up and written Cairoscopes just for YOU, the Alien Jesus Fambly.

Anybody interested in writing a week’s Cairoscopes please write to Miss Cairo. There are no rules to your method of divining, real or unreal are both welcome. We get wonderful letters from ya’ll that are funny, smart, insightful, and would love to see more participation. Treats will be awarded.

Acting Ambassador’s Wife-cover blown-who did it?

CIA seeks probe of White House

The first to report, Robert Novak, I doubt seriously is going to reveal his source, and unless somebody steps up from the whitehouse and says “I did it” this is going to be almost impossible to prove.
But that their is an investigation going is a positive.
That’s some shitty tactics to go after a guy’s wife and put her into Lord knows how much danger, not to mention just wrecking her career. Not that these are new tactics but despicable just the same.

Blaine attacked again

This time with paint filled balloons fired from a catapult.

“Pat Prince, the director of Network Security, said: ‘We’ve had the full array now – egg throwing, golf balls, laser pens and now paint. But I don’t think they’ll ever run out of options. There’s always something new these people can try.’”

Start brainstorming the next attack!