Product #1

Investing in new computer gadgets has always been a mixed blessing. Half the time they never work as intended and most of the time you need to download some goddamn patch of das internet for it work properly. For a change things worked out nicely when NOTAW Enterprises recently purchased an Apple Ipod. Our very first Apple item, it’s a beauty in terms of design and user friendliness. It’s small, but not too small, it’s light but not too light. It just about has the right proportions for you believe that your money was well spent.

And miraculously it works beautifully on both MAC and PC, almost without any hassle. The only Ipod compatible PC program is Musicmatch (though Winamp plug-ins do exist). Installing it requires a multitude of reboots, ensuring that your Ipod is plugged in properly and charged. First of we thought that Musicmatch was a lousy program, but it actually turned out to be a very good package, ripping CD’s to MP3’s in no time (even on our old faithful Pentium II), and transferring them unto the Ipod using USB took less time than we had expected, even though Apple clearly warns that it takes a good deal longer than through firewire. All in all very good. We’ve even replaced Winamp with Musicmatch as our mp3 player of choice. On the MAC platform (both OS 9 and X) it works without any problems (almost obviously), it automatically recharges through the complimentary firewire cable, and iTunes connects to it without any hassle.

Using it is a breeze, with its tiny designed remote control. The bigger versions (15 and 30Gb) come with a docking station, also . Before venturing out choose your album or playlist of choice, plug those tiny headphones into the chamber of your ears and enjoy hassle free music.

One recommendation though: In order to avoid somebody beating you down (ie. feeling more safe, cheaper), buy yourself a pair of black headphones, the white one’s that come with it are easily identifiable as iPod plugs, and the pod is an easy item to steal.

Oh, did I mention that the iPod doubles as a harddrive—and plenty of it. Another great thing, a choice which many will perhaps disagree with, is the fact that the battery is built in. You cannot take it out and plug in another, leaving it with fewer areas where it can easily be damaged. Fully re-charged it lasts 8 hours, enough for a nice cross Atlantic flight. To sum it up, we’re are pretty damn happy.