Monthly Archives: July 2003

The War on Jobs

At his Wednesday press conference, President Bush was asked about the problem of technology jobs moving overseas. He identified the problem: our workers’ skills aren’t keeping pace with technological advancements. His solution: a $3000 “reemployment account” for each worker. If your job is shipped off to the third world, you’ll get $3000 to retrain, move to another city, and generally use to get back into the workforce.

So when companies like IBM, CSC, and HP close an office full of American workers earning $5000 a month and replace it with an office in India full of workers earning $800 a month, it’s not really about the money.

If you feel you can read the President’s statement verbatim without choking on bile, the full transcript of Wednesday’s press conference is available here. If you don’t want to search through the whole thing, click the “continue reading” link to just see the answer that pissed me off.
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Beware at Kinkos

For more than a year, unbeknownst to people who used Internet terminals at Kinko’s stores in New York, Juju Jiang was recording what they typed, paying particular attention to their passwords.

Sort of confirms your worst suspicions about the security of public computers. After reading this, I’m inclined to think the only way to assure privacy on a Kinkos machine is to compromise it yourself and do some poking around. Or maybe cut and paste letters one by one instead of typing them?

The Furnace we call Home

Phoenix on track for hottest July on record

“It’s so hot windshields are shattering or falling out, dogs are burning their paws on the pavement, and candles are melting indoors.”

We at the command like to not depend soley on the conveniences of man made cooling, the grid could go down and there you are, un-acclimated to the elements. But Phoenix this summer…no matter what you read about the heat here, it’s worse than what they say. It’s hell, and the air-conditioner has been buzzing on high for the whole month and we still can’t cool off. There is no acclimating to 110+ degrees day after night after day.
We gotta get out of this place…..