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  1. I want information about stonehendge. Everything you have will be helpful.
    thank you

  2. I was wondering if you or anyone else ever considered the fact that we once lived a wonderful life on mars until we had a nuclear war…resulting in the massive amounts of radiation that we have found on the dead planet. We then moved here and forgot most of everything and had to start over due to various diffrent changes.(a whole new planet). Just think of the possibilities!?!?!?!?…Now, don’t get me wrong…I am NOT saying that this is how it happened, just that it is something to consider.

  3. If you say we once lived on mars and there was a nuclear war.Who come the sun does not worm the planet mars as it warms the earth? I want to say that it could not have been a nuclear war so big to push the sun further at the perfect dstance to warm the earth in this way…in which animals and men live!
    Sorry my spelling, my grammar but i am not a native speaker of english, i have just learned in school!Hope we can discuss more on this and not only on this particular problem (through mail)!
    Best regards to whoever i am speaking, George!

  4. was hitler alive and living at the vatican,why do priests build churches resembling rocket ships(past life experiences),what imformation does the vatican have in there library(banned to the public)could that be the hall of records).why did america build there civilization in 400 years/australia 200 years and it took england and the rest of the world 4000 + years.why do the nazis hate the aztecs and zan,and who is zan.

  5. thats right i forgot jehovah placed the mark of the swatztica (reversed)on the foreheads of the aztec people and then cursed them and sent them away,then they found true enlightenment.

  6. why would you deliberatley want a head of a dog,didnt they have any drugs back then,could they communicate these elohim(god of them)with high pitched sonar.were these pyramids built just to stop meteors or was someone trying to blast the shit out of them ,because they were living a hell(pun)of a long way under ground.did they uncover a temple in japan,that the americans blasted with the a bomb(h).

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