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Rumsfeld coverage in the New Yorker

The New Yorker piece by Seymour Hersh about Donald Rumsfeld’s role in planning the current war in Iraq is now available online.

“…Rumsfeld had two goals: to demonstrate the efficacy of precision bombing and to ‘do the war on the cheap.’ Rumsfeld and his two main deputies for war planning, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, ‘were so enamored of shock and awe that victory seemed assured,’ the planner said. ‘They believed that the weather would always be clear, that the enemy would expose itself, and so precision bombings would always work.’

ARNETT FIRED – News – NBC Severs Relationship With Peter Arnett

“I said over the weekend what we all know about the war.” Peter Arnett

Those Bastards. As if Arnett is the only one voicing opinion, it’s just not the party line. If you feel like the Alien Jesus staff do then we urge you to make your voice heard. This is going to tighten up the lips of every reporter over there tied to a corporate war machine. Americans should be able to get news FROM America instead of going to the foreign press.

Email MSNBC and ask them to reinstate Peter Arnett!

Bare Shelves at Home

Dark Night turned to sunny morning before I knew it. 6 am. oh! But 6am means fresh, delicious donuts just being put on the shelves at Basha’s, the finest donuts around here.
I got there at 6.03 am, salivating, waiting for fresh donut air to hit me, god good, is there anything better than a good donut?
But as I got closer I could see far too much of the stainless steel shelves, no warm, glowing hues of sprinkles, icing, glaze.
No donuts! No Bear Claws! nothing! I looked back into the bakery kitchen hoping to catch sight of huge laden trays being ready for ME, but no. NO! A worker saw me with clenched fists ready to bust up the cases and said in broken english “They all go wrong, we make again”. WHEN! ? When will there be donuts?” she just shrugged and said “there ees thee day old”.
Day old donuts. Like being the last man on a gang bang, no way. So I bought some Entemanns assortment box donuts and they aren’t too bad but Goddamn it!

The Saddam/UFO Connection

ScorpionThere are a number of reports indicating Saddam Hussein may have extraterrestrial allies. These reports seem to originate with a UFO sighting over Baghdad in December 1998, when a triangular pattern of lights flew over the city. The lights were described as similar to the Phoenix Lights seen in 1997. A number of UFO experts (and one or two Art Bell callers) assert that this 1998 sighting was the Iraqi equivalent of the Roswell crash, and that Iraqi scientists are busy reverse engineering the alien technology.
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